Quantum Knights Torrent Full PC Game

Quantum Knights‘ stylish and dynamic third-person shooting action and unique medieval fantasy open world, set in the continent of Brica flourishing with technomagic.
The gameplay video portrays heavily armored characters shooting down enemies using firearms and magic skills and features

High On Life Torrent Full PC Game

High On Life takes place across multiple colorful planets and has a distinct organic sci-fi art direction. You play as a human fresh out of high school, with no job or plans — that is, until a ruthless alien cartel

SubwaySim Hamburg Torrent Full PC Game

Explore the picturesque U3 line of Hamburg’s elevated railroad in the new SubwaySim Hamburg by HR Innoways and Aerosoft! A brand-new, detailed public transport simulation awaits you in one of the most beautiful cities in the German language sphere. Accurately


This is a free-to-play team battle action game based on the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series of the Universal Century. Join your comrades and defend your planet in a massive and realistic battlefield on earth and in space!
You’ll be able

Hotel Renovator Torrent Full PC Game

Build the hotel of your dreams! You’ll welcome guests from all over the world. Use your starting cash to rebuild and furnish as many rooms as possible.
Create a place that smacks the golden age, a new exclusive hotel. As

Meet Your Maker Torrent Full PC Game

Immerse yourself in block-based, first-person level design. Claim plots of land and use a variety of blocks, traps, and guards to extract and protect Genmat while creating a deadly challenge for other players to face.
Build when you want, how

Space for Sale Torrent Full PC Game

Procedurally generated landscape, Explore the picturesque landscape on multiple planets. Location, location, location! Gather resources, build estates, and sell them for a hefty profit to eccentric alien clients. Find creative ways to satisfy the ever-growing demands of your customers.


Become the hero or villain you want to be! Choose your favorite characters from a quirky roster divided into 5 archetypes: Strike, Assault, Rapid, Technical, and Support. Form the ultimate squad! Leap into the fray with 2 other quirk users

ONI Road to be the Mightiest Oni Torrent Full PC Game

Kisejima may not be large, but the colorful artwork by KENEI DESIGN, with its dazzling green meadows, looming forests, and plains of floating megaliths, offers a unique emotional impact unlike any other action game. Its solo creator has invented a