Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus Torrent Full PC Game

Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus Box Image

Immerse yourself in the magical brushstroke world of “Bo: Path of the Teal Lotus,” where artful tradition meets heart-pounding action in an enchanting Metroidvania adventure. With profound inspiration drawn from the rich tapestry of Japanese folklore, every frame of this …

Elaborate Lands Torrent Full PC Game

Elaborate Lands Box Image

For those who savor a personalized touch, “Elaborate Lands” boasts a vast array of customization and random map generation, ensuring that no two games are the same. The unpredictability of new maps fused with the charm of exploration will draw …

Urban Myth Dissolution Center Torrent Full PC Game

Urban Myth Dissolution Center Box Image

Title: Urban Myth Dissolution Center

Monstrous Oddities:

Title: Urban Myth Dissolution Center
Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel
Developer: Hakababunko
Publisher: Shueisha Games



















Horticular Torrent Full PC Game

Horticular Box Image

In “Horticular,” every touch reveals innovation. You won’t just plant and harvest; you’ll engage in a living tapestry of interwoven gameplay mechanics that breathe life into your journey. Dare to blend the artistry of gardening with an otherworldly sense of …

Death Trick: Double Blind Torrent Full PC Game

Death Trick: Double Blind Box Image

As you traverse the vibrant big top and the myriad of eccentric performers within, “Death Trick: Double Blind” offers an innovative gameplay mechanic that keeps you on your toes. Gather clues using your keen observation, engage in intense question-and-answer showdowns …

Mearcair/System Pulse Torrent Full PC Game

Mearcair/System Pulse Box Image

**Epic Storyline:**
Embark on an adrenalizing odyssey through the digital landscape of Mearcair, a system striving to free itself from the clutches of a rogue AI’s hypnotic harmony. As the chosen “Conductor,” you delve deep into the heart of an …

Target Party Torrent Full PC Game

Target Party Box Image

🛤️ Race through a kaleidoscope of levels each more exhilarating than the last, where the paths to victory are only limited by your own imagination. Freely explore the terrain to uncover intricate strategies and elusive routes. Time your jumps to …

MiSide Torrent Full PC Game

MiSide Box Image

With each step, the house reveals its secrets and the air crackles with the static of the unknown. The rules of the world you knew no longer apply. When a familiar face emerges from the shadows, the girl whose digital …

Date Z Torrent Full PC Game

Date Z Box Image

Navigating the halls of your new school, you must quickly adapt to its unique social ebb and flow. With every ring of the class bell, you’re thrust deeper into a web of adolescent drama, where each interaction, each whispered secret …

Baito Fight Torrent Full PC Game

Baito Fight Box Image

Enter the quirky world of a seemingly mundane apartment complex, but don’t be fooled by the chipped paint and flickering lights. Beneath the surface lies a lair of devious monsters, creeping through the shadows of your neighbors’ homes. As a …